Travelers: "Roatan is a Paradise!"

lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

We spent a week at Henry Morgan just before Christmas from Dec 12-19 and we loved it. The hotel has a beautiful, colourful lobby area where guests mingle and relax, the beach is amazing, and the people are awesome.

Roatan itself has such charm. It truly feels like you're on a little island paradise. Both my boyfriend and I are not huge resort type people, we like to experience the local way of life in out-of-the-way destinations. We travel quite often too so we have a good sense of whats out there.

The residents of Roatan were very nice including some local Canadian transplants that inspired us to perhaps come back again and stay! The diving is beautiful although we didn't dive as much as we should have, but TGI diving within Henry Morgan is great and easygoing- whenever you want to go, you just sign up and show up (once you register).

Also, you have to check out the little submarine in West End, it was built by an expat who will take you to 2500 ft for $ time we're going for sure (well at least I am). You can see it from the bar Sundowner's on the beach, there's a huge sign, Go Deeper.

Henry Morgan itself is nice but the food is not so great. A bit better than Cuba although some people really liked it. But, I'm a bit of a foodie, so.... Also, if you get hungry between meals you have to go off the resort to eat as there is nothing available. We didn't mind and actually we ate off the resort a couple of times. For my birthday we had an AMAZING dinner out (just down the beach towards Bananarama) at a little restaurant, set back a bit, called VINTAGE PEARL. The food was unbelievable. I had duck and he had lobster. The live jazz was great and I think I had the best waiter I've ever had in my life (also an expat from Canada). We actually closed the bar with them.

To address the bug problem. No see ums can be bad especially at dusk and dawn but some friends we met gave us a tip they got from locals....a mixture of baby oil and camphor. They use this even on their young children to prevent bites! Good to know for next time. The bugs are not as bad as some people claim though and they are attracted to some people more than others. If you protect yourself, you're ok, but try not to use chemicals like Deet. It is a marine protected area and we want to preserve the reef for a long time to come.

All in all, the highlights were definitely the people, the snorkeling right off the beach (what a stunning reef!), the diving, the dolphin encounter at Anthony's Key (they are in a natural area and appear very well taken care of- not too touristy), the submarine (although we didn't go this time), the food off the resort, the people, and Sundowners (local bar). Next time for sure we'll try Hole in the Wall too!

Hope it helped! Happy travels!!!

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