Panama, a great country to discover.

viernes, 6 de junio de 2008

While Panama is known mostly for its famous canal, the country's natural attractions offer an irresistible lure to far-sighted travelers. This oft-overlooked country offers some of the finest birding, snorkeling and hiking in the Americas.
Panama's charms include its stunning coastline of palm-fringed beaches, its astounding wildlife - boasting an incredible diversity of tropical birds - and its proud, vibrant indigenous peoples, such as the Kuna. While in Panama, you'll find it hard to shake the inescapable feeling that you're in on a secret the rest of the traveling world has yet to discover. (, 2008)

Panama is provided with varied climates during the year, a temperature divided equally very agreeable, big diversity of historical and natural attractions for the Ecotourism and Tourism ventures. Neither we can stop mentioning the Canal of Panama: called the eighth marvel of the world

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